Custom Embroidery

Texas Sign & Design offers in-house custom embroidery (sewn) and digitizing services.  We can create a company logo for you, or if you already have a company logo, we can digitize your existing logo to allow us to embroider your logo on a variety of items such as caps and shirts for you and your staff, or as promotional items to give to potential customers as well as appreciation gifts for your existing valued customers. Something as simple as a embroidered cap with your company logo on it, given to a customer in appreciation for their business, goes an amazingly long way towards them continuing to be a loyal customer.  It helps them feel that they are truly appreciated and you are not taking them for granted.
In addition, it also gets your company identity and brand out there for others to see when your customer wears it and is in contact with other people in the same or other similar industries that may also potentially be in need of the goods and services your company provides.  Your company name is being exposed to and networking with others that you would otherwise not have not contact with.  It is plainly one of the cheapest, most economic forms of advertising available today.

Please be aware, we not only offer these goods and services to companies and institutions, but also to individuals, small organizations and the general public as well.  We are never too busy to help someone with their small project they may be working on, or for that special gift or occasion.

Some of the more popular items we embroider are; ball caps, polo and dress shirts, jackets, school uniforms, sports team uniforms, holiday and graduation gifts, carry bags, etc.  The types of item we can decorate is only limited to your imagination.  If we can hoop it, we can embroider it.

We strive daily to not only meet, but to exceed our customers expectations by providing outstanding service and quality in everything we do.
If you have any questions concerning our digitizing or embroidery services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our staff is here to assist you with anything you may need.